Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Arms... hurt...

Today was a reeally long day of riding. A bit like our first day, actually. We only managed to arrive at our hotel late at night, at around 9pm. Maybe we're setting too long distances for ourselves. Or maybe it's another reason... like... maybe... this place:

Hey! Let's stop and take a look!

Om nom nom...

Nom nom nom...

The jerky-looking object that the ostrich is holding is "indian candy," which is a kind of smoked salmon and a recipient of the "Best Thing I Have Ever Eaten" Award from Celine. Besides that, we have some bread and some nice goat cheese from a local farm.

<2 hours later> *burp* Should we start going now?

Our legs, surprisingly, are neither tired nor chafed. My arms, on the other hand, feel like they were pedaling the whole way. Apparently it takes a lot of energy to hold myself up on the bike for hours and hours. Meanwhile, Celine can sit in the back tossing snacks into her mouth and snapping pictures all day!!

Here's Celine's explanation: Ostwige's arms are too short!

Maybe we need to find a way to raise or bring the handlebar closer?

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