Thursday, June 10, 2010


Perry came with SPD clip in pedals. Unfortunately neither Tee or ostwige knows how to use them, nor have the shoes for them. Not to mention the shoes cost over $100 @_@

We've decided that it's best to have non-clipin non-loopy pedals for ostwige who is especially clumsy and responsible for putting his toes on the ground to keep all 3 of us from falling over. Thus, we have purchased cheap-o plastic pedals for ostwige. They cost $5 from, and thanks to Mr. Tiger, we got free shipping through Amazon prime. Thank you Mr. Tiger!

For Tee we bought power grip sport set pedals. Since Tee is the backseat motor, ostwige is hoping that she will use extra energy on the upstroke, thus tiring her out sooner so ostwige can take a break. we'll see about that! If she likes them, maybe she'll use them on her normal bike too!

Anyone need 4 SPD clip in pedals? It can be used for a person with 4 feet, or 2 people with 2 feet each.

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