Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perry's damages + Dr. Alan

We got off the plane and retrieved Perry from the oversized luggage section. Taking a break for a sandwich, we next got to work putting the bike back together! That's Perry in the background!

Unfortunately, Perry suffered a huge gouge from being thrown around the luggage compartment. It went through the paint, but it was not very very deep. We've covered it up with Alan's architecture model paint temporarily for now, when we're back in LA we'll try to find a touch up paint to fix up the hole =(

The next thing was to put the bike back together...

(hmm... what to do with these...)

It was... more difficult than we expected. We spent at least 6 hours getting Perry ready. We expected to need to put on the racks, seats, handlebars, wheels. We ended up doing those "easy" things, and also:
1. Adjusting the brakes (because they no longer stopped the bike when depressed)
2. Adjusting the rear derailleur (because the chain was not catching on the teeth)
3. Pumping the front tire, then...
4. Breaking the shreader valve, thus...
5. Needing to replace the tube

Did I mention we are bike noobs? So in 6 hours, we learned how to change flat tires, adjust brakes and adjust derailleurs. Luckily Vancouver Airport has free wifi, so we had a lot of help =) Better now, than when there is no internet!

Unfortunately, after all that... the hole for the front rack broke, so we still couldn't ride Perry.

Luckily, next stop was Dr. Alan! However, to get there, we needed to take the train. While the train out of the airport was nice and wide and easy to get Perry on, the city trains were much more narrow. If anyone else is planning to take a tandem bike on Vancouver (non-airport) trains... hmm... try to avoid it =P

(this is the wide train from the airport)

Despite our best efforts at the airport, Perry still needed expert attention. Enter Dr. Alan! We met up with Dr. Alan, ate super good deal sushi, went back to Dr. Alan's place to fix up Perry!

Thank you Dr. Alan!!


  1. I am glad Dr. Alan was around to patch up Perry.