Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 1 - Vancouver to Canada/US border

Alan and Alan's buddy Dan joined us for the ride to the Canada-US border. It took a lot longer than we expected due to the almost constant 2-8% grade. While Perry is zooming-out-of-control-fast on the downhills, it's very hard to get Perry uphill. Part of it is due to untimely shifting on ostrich's side, part of it is that it's hard to coordinate power strokes with 2 people. Another part of it is that fat ostrich doesn't pedal! hehehe, just kidding. We had to walk up some of the hills. Anyhow, we finally made it to the border (although Dan and Alan had to wait ... a lot... Sorry!!!)

(Burnaby Lake station, before meeting Dan)

(Alan and Dan, waiting ... ... ... )


(Canada-US border)

We took a break at the duty free shop, celebrated Alan's birthday with some gelato, and dan bought some discount alky.

(Happy Birthday Alan!)

Despite the very inviting sign, the US Border control were not so inviting. Apparently, due to the contruction at the office, they were supposedly not accepting bicyclists and pedestrians. Several officers asked us... didn't you read the signs!? Sorry! we didn't see any signs! (but even if we did, what are we supposed to do?_?)

Ultimately they let us through, and we got through much faster than the cars =)

miles today:
miles so far:
max speed: 32mph (51.5 km)
ave speed: -- to be updated later when I find the notebook! --

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