Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 2 Part 2 - Anacortes

When we neared Anacortes, we had our first freeway riding experience on highway 20.

(Crossroads before the freeway)

(On the freeway! Looks like I-5 but greener)

We even went up a pedestrian walkway on the side of the needlessly high freeway bridge into Anacortes. While Celine will claim that it was not scary at all, you can obviously see from the pictures that the height was very scary indeed.

(See? not high! not scary!)

(wait... who's taking the picture? huH? there's only 1 person on the bike? where's the ostrich?)

(boo hoo hoo, hoo hoo /panic)

After we finally got off the bridge, we rode around on Figuero island for a while, looking for the second bridge that would allow us to skip the rest of the freeway into Anacortes. We ended up going straight through a huge Shell oil refinery, which was an interesting experience.

The footbridge into Anacortes is supposedly a rebuilt railroad trestle from many years back. It's now used just for cyclists and foot traffic. Here's a picture of it:

(Trestle is ahead going across the water)

(On the trestle)

Sooooo beautiful

And climbing a few more hills into downtown Anacortes, we arrived at our second host's house.

Thank you Art and Lexi for the great pizza dinner, dessert, bed, and of course the warm shower!

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