Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Did we forget anything?

This morning started at 6am when I frantically woke up after oversleeping. I jumped into my chair and started clacking out my final exam that was due at noon. Submitted at 11:59!

We spent the next 4 hours fitting ostrich on Perry, wrapping perry's handlebars, disassembling perry and stuffing perry into a box. Also running around looking for stuff in our half-packed up apartment, and packing everything else. So, did we forget anything? So far, we've thought of 2 things: my fleece sweater and our flip flops. We also couldn't find our rear blinky light (did I pack it into one of the moving boxes??) So far not too bad, I could always add another sweater to my growing collection (Despite living in LA, I seem to have 3-4 dozen sweaters, as I found out while packing last week). We'll see in the next week what other important things we forgot to bring =P

We took the fly away bus to the airport, thanks to juju-wuju who arrived at precisely the right time as were about to start carrying 2 duffle bags, a backpack and a boxed up Perry to the bus stop. Somehow we were able to put down the seats and we were able to stuff Perry into the juju-mobile. Thank you Juju! Give Rico a kiss for me <3

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