Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 2 - Bellingham to Anacortes

After a yummy breakfast of potatoes, eggs, cheese and fresh leeks from the Elliots' garden, we reluctantly set out from Bellingham at the "early" hour of 12 noon (ahem, I wonder who was snoring for so long).

(Cloudy sends us off)

After a little bit more uphill riding, the road suddenly leveled out and opened up -- we got off the main road and started zooming downhill. While trying to break our speed record of 32mph (set near the Canada/US border), we zipped towards Lake Samish and got some nice views of the water.

We zipped past several intersections before I started thinking that maybe we wanted to turn at one of them to stay on the route. But we were going so fast that by the time Perry stopped completely, we were at the bottom of a very big hill.

Unfortunately, we *had* missed a turn. And getting back to that intersection meant climbing back up the steep hill that we had just flown down. So we decided to just continue and see where the road went. We ended up going around the lake on the other side, which was a very nice ride as well.

The rest of the day was spent winding through the woods and eventually through flat farmlands. It was foggy and slightly drizzly, very nice for bike riding.

We saw llamas!

What are those white round things?_?

We also stopped at a little bakery in the middle of nowhere, called Rosabella's Garden Bakery. We had an $8 slice of vegetarian quiche there that was made solely from ingredients that the owners grew themselves: really from scratch! It was an expensive slice of quiche, but it tasted good.

Warm quiche in belly, we set out to one of the steepest hills we've encountered:

Luckily it wasn't too long =)

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