Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to B.C

Today we're going back to Canada to meet our support Tiger (need MOAR underwear!).

The morning started early when we got up at 6:00 to get ready for the ferry from Anacortes to Sindey. Art and Lexi kindly volunteered their garage so we could store Perry somewhere while we went to Victoria. They're even picking us up tomorrow from the ferry when we come back! They're really kind!

The ferry ride was fun and scenic but not super special: it took about two hours and we ended up napping, playing psp/ds and messing with the computer for most of the time. They had a small cafe with clam chowder, hot dogs, etc, and even a few arcade machines on board.

We were getting pretty hungry when we reached Sidney, and since our snack supply was running low, we headed straight for the first grocery store we saw. There were a lot of snacks not found in the US, so we bought as many as we dared: one box of "sweet chili" triscuit, one box of berry/green tea cookies, maltesers, gummy candies, five dragonfruit-melon juice boxes, five starfruit-orange juice boxes, a kitkat hazelnut cream bar, a cadbury "wunderbar", and a steak-vegetable pie and salmon roll for lunch.

(the bus was ... a bit bumpy)

What should we have for dinner?

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