Monday, June 21, 2010

Downtown Victoria

We got to Victoria and met up with Mr. Tiger, Evie, and Sheera. Of course, we immediately headed for a second lunch at "Don Mei", a dim sum restaurant in Victoria (supposedly the oldest Chinatown in Canada). Vitali joined us too.

After lunch, we went as a big group with all the Research Affiliates people to the Victoria Bug Zoo, which sounds like a funny thing to visit on holiday on Victoria Island, but...

It was really, REALLY cool! The zoo guide, Mike, went around the little room with us, taking out all kinds of weird and crazy-looking bugs for us to handle while bombarding us with interesting facts. We held scorpions, taratulas, giant stickbugs, beetles, humongous grubs... just look at the pictures!

Everyone left the museum really impressed.

Even these members of the Russia Mafiya:

We went back to the hotel to check out the indoor pool, which was pretty nice. It was small, but soon the 10 of us managed to drive away all the other people using the pool and converted it into one big swimming contest. I guess this side trip wasn't as much of a break from exercise as we thought...

The ostrich was exhausted after the swimming races. The UCLA/Anderson school graduates had a mini-reunion dinner at a Spanish Tapas restaurant downtown so we tagged along.

The food was goooood. Highlights included bacon-wrapped dates, pesto-pecan-apple pizza, a variety of salads, and the first and best "chocolate creme brulee" we've ever had.

Delicious!!!! Thank you Jason! Come to Westwood soon so we can finish our tennis match!

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