Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 1 Part 2 - Border to Bellingham

The ride from the Border to Bellingham was pretty uneventful -- there was not much scenery and lots of hills. We were pretty bored most of the way and couldn't go very fast.

(Tee thinks our shadows look cool)

We look like weirdos, but Bellingham is very beautiful. We passed by a Creek:

Some weird slugs

And Deer!

Not to mention a lot of allergy causing materials =P

When we finally made it to Ray and Deborah's house we had been traveling at only 4-6mph (6-10kph) for the last 2 hours, due to a huge hill! But what goes up must come down, so we are looking forward to all the downhills tomorrow!

(Group picture!)

Thank you Ray, Deborah, Chris and Tim for everything! We had a great time! Let us take you on a eating tour next time you are in LA =)

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